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I’ve been researching February’s energies and I’ve discovered something that no one else has pointed out yet.  And I believe it will give you a huge advantage to know this NOW as the week of February 8th is about to begin.


I’d like to give you a simple explanation about what this advantage is instead of attempting to teach you hours of material that you don’t need to learn to benefit from this information. The new moon is great for new beginnings and it aligns with the Chinese New Year for a double boost to support you in moving ahead with any part of your life now.


ALSO something very cool happens this week in regards to a phenomenon known as the Void Of Course moon. The moon moves through the 12 signs of the zodiac every month, so it tends to spend 2-3 days in each sign. As it is moving out of one sign and before it enters the next sign, that period of time is called Void of Course. The moon isn’t in a void nor an empty space, but this time is the least supportive time to begin something new or to ask for things that you want a Yes answer to.


Normally a Void of Course period lasts from a few hours to a couple of days and it occurs every two to three days.


But this week is different!!


There is really only ONE period of time this week that will affect those in the Western Hemisphere and that is at the exact moment of the new moon.


This happens at 9:39 a.m. EST Monday and it lasts until Tuesday morning at 3:31 a.m. EST.

After that it is smoooooth sailing for the rest of the week! If you are on a better schedule than I am, you’ll be snoozing during the other two super short periods when the moon is Void Of Course this week. The next one occurs on Wednesday evening at 11:25 p.m. and ends on Thursday morning at 4:55 a.m. The last one begins early Saturday morning at 5:32 a.m. and ends just an hour later at 6:35am.


Here’s how you can use this information to your advantage.  When the moon is Void Of Course, it’s like it has reached the end of one set of opportunities and is getting ready for the next set of ideas to show up. It’s a period of inactivity and nap time. If you have ever been disturbed during a much needed nap with a question or request, you may ignore it, pretend to acknowledge it but not act on it,  or you may only half hear it and do something different than what was asked of you.


This is a time to let the moon have it’s nap and not begin anything new nor ask any questions that you need answered. If you’ve got things you want to accomplish it can be frustrating to wait for the moon to wake up. Imagine those weeks when the moon takes a nap in the middle of your day and doesn’t wake up until the next evening. To be slowed down when you are full of new ideas and insights can cause you to lose your momentum and mojo. That’s why this week is so exciting as you are likely to be sleeping during these void of course times.


So take advantage of it the moon supporting you in so many ways and times this week and make this your new beginning.


If you would like to know more about using the moon’s energies to create new beginnings, consider adding a crystal singing bowl practice to your day. Check the shop for the best one for you.

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