The VIP 1:1 Matrix Busting Experience


You know that there’s still time to change things.

You know that time is moving faster now.

And you know that you are here to outcreate the darkness.

This is why I have created the Exclusive VIP Matrix Busting Experience for a select few.


 Do you have a bigger vision for your life?

 Are the things you are currently doing just not enough to move your forward?

 Would you like some support with:

     •  releasing all patterns of self-sabotage and stress?

       receiving the guidance  you need to step forward into a new reality?

       reintegreating your power so you can be the change the world needs?

This was created just for you.

The VIP Matrix Busting Experience is your Red Pill.

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Can This Experience Really Pull Me Out of the Matrix So I Can Make Choices From True Freedom?


Once you say yes, we will begin with a detailed questionnaire and intake form so we can see where you are stuck and where you are imprinted with energies that are sticking you where you no longer want to be.  

Next, you’ll receive a full outline of your In Person or Online 1:1 VIP Day With Me where we will take a five senses Shamanic approach to shifting you out of the matrix quickly and effectively.  We’ll use a solid strategic and grounded system as well to create more change in one day than you may have ever known was possible.

No More Mandela Effect Shifting! 

There are two different options available because the in person experience will use some techniques that are only available in their full power as hands-on processes in person. A digital experience can make up for this through repitition over time.

1:1 VIP Matrix Busting Experience In Person 5.5 Hours

That's a big gong you have there!

The investment in this 1:1 VIP Matrix Busting Experience is $7877.

After your payment is made, you will receive a link to schedule an initial 60 minute consultation.  

If we discover during that call that you are not truly ready for this intense, reality shifting experience, your money, less a $500 charge for our call and an alternative next step will be refunded within 24 hours.

As you know, once you’ve taken the red pill, things will be different.

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33 Day 1:1 VIP Matrix Busting Experience ONLINE

Music Notes

After our  4.5 hour VIP 1:1 day online together we will spend an additional 33 days together online in a secret 1:1 group where we will make sure you are out of the matrix and into your preferred reality for good. You’ll receive tools and daily support to make sure you are free and grounded into a new timeline. The investment in the online option is $5477.

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What is it costing your health and finances to stay stuck in the matrix where your daily choices are so limited?

Here’s a recap of everything you’ll receive :

♦  1 confidential 60 minute Consultation Session via phone or Zoom  where we will make sure you’re really ready to get free of the Matrix.

♦ 1 detailed intake form and an additional 60 minute call to preplan our day plus homeplay for you to complete before you arrive.

♦ 2 subliminal and high vibration acoustical audios to keep your new vision in place.

♦ 3 Starlight Symbols creation and activation and 3 days of instruction on how to work with your symbols, including a mind-body activation technique

♦  IN PERSON OPTION – 5.5 hour  VIP day including Shamanic timeline shifting tools and processes and symbols and vibrational instruments.

IN PERSON OPTION meals and snacks and beverages are provided as well as any transportation required to and from the nearest airport.

(If you need accomodations or help booking flights, I have some great resources I will share).

ONLINE OPTION – 4.5 hour VIP Day Online plus 33 days of 1:1 support in a secret group where we will have a daily practice to fully ground in the new energies and reality.

In person VIP 1:1 Days are available in Toronto, Montreal, Niagara Falls, Detroit or New York City until September 16th.

ALSO Available in Las Vegas on either September 22nd, 23rd or 24th 2017.


Invest in the 1:1 In Person VIP Day plus 14 days of support now.

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Invest in the Online 1:1 VIP Day plus 33 days of support now.

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Starlight Symbols

What happens next?

Within 3 hours of receiving your payment you will receive a scheduling link to book your 60 minute initial consultation.

You’ll also receive an intake form and a questionnaire that must be filled out first so this call together creates change for you immediately.

It also give us a fantastic starting point before our next 60 minute call before the 1:1 VIP Matrix Busting Day so the time is focused on specific patterns and blocks in addition to those that will show up along the way.

Within 3 days of our  in person or virtual online VIP Day  you will receive:

•  an audio recording of the day

•  a personalized and custom subliminal audio with instructions for use to keep your frequency high.

•  Three customized subconscious activation symbols and temporary body art.

•  a private and secret group where we will meet every day and where we can leave each other audio, video or text messages as well as sharing links and answering any questions that come up. (this is 14 days of additional support after our in person VIP day and a full 33 days for the virtual VIP day)


you have a 2 pay option

Pay only $2488 today with 1 additional payment of  $5558 for in person or $3118 before your online matrix busting day!

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Still have questions? Schedule a quick 15 minute call with me. 15 Minute Call