5 Ways To Create More Possibilities In Your Life

Believe Stone

These five tips are meant to guide you towards releasing stress and to gain trust that things will be okay.

1.  Instead of labeling things around you as good or bad, be open to what is going on around you and to seeing the magic in them.  If you see things as ‘interesting’ instead of good or bad you will start to see more synchronicity and flow in your life.


2.  See the world as if everything is new to you.  Be full of wonder and curiousity.  Try not to have conclusions about how things work and you will perceive new things and see them in a new way too.


3.  If something isn’t going your way, take a few breaths and stay out of the twisted thinking that things never work out for you or that life is hard.  These are judgements you’ve made.  [Tweet “What if you could begin to change things by not judging them?”]  Take a step back ask yourself “What is right about this that I’m not seeing?”


4. Don’t wait for life to be perfect before you enjoy it.  If you keep putting off your happiness until ‘something’ else happens, you’ll always be waiting.  Commit to what you want now instead.  And trust that you are being helped and that life is happening for you, not to you.


5. As Bobby McFerrin put it, and as Pharrell Williams has echoed, Don’t worry, Be happy. Worry, like guilt, just makes us feel really icky. How often does that worse case scenario actually happen? This is called a What If ‘down’ thinking because you are assuming the worst will happen and you play it out in your head until the stress is unbearable. Why not try a What If ‘up’?  What if things turn out even better than you expect?  What is the BEST case scenario? Try asking those kinds of questions and feel the difference it can make in your life today.