What Is The Most Relaxing Song In the World?

Sleeping baby girl

Music can move us deeply. I am very passionate about music and some sounds make me shed tears of joy and other sounds make me cringe. I’ve worked with Tibetan Singing Bowls and one of the vibrational sounds from a bowl was almost painful for me to hear. If a song has ever come on the radio or on a #Spotify playlist that made you say “Turn that off!” then you know what I mean.

Fortunately music can also be very soothing and healing and can bring us great joy or an undeniable urge to move with the beat. Enya is one of my favourites to hear during a massage, but since I find the songs deeply moving, that can prevent me from being completely relaxed.

With the help of British Academy For Sound Therapy’s founder Liz Cooper, British ambient band Marconi Union created the world’s most relaxing song called Weightless. Since science helped to create this eight minute relaxation-fest, it was featured in Time Magazine’s Best Inventions Of The Year 2011. There is science behind this including the 60 beats per minute continuous rhythm helping to synchronize the heart with brainwaves.

Close your eyes and listen and see if you also experience the 65{6d4aff0a40d9ce9f29c72141583e1f493a9852f12b112e946c808ec1e4b97ab4} reduction in overall anxiety that the women in the study did. If not, is there a song or sounds that you prefer for relaxation?