Gee *Squint* Where’s That Bright Light Coming From?

Let your light shine2

Oh of course, it’s coming from you!   Can you see it too?   Or when you look in the mirror, have you lost some of your brightness?  Exhaustion and the belief that we aren’t good enough can dim even the brightest of the bright over time.   But it’s still there inside of you burning brightly.

Whether you need to fan the flames of your spark or or just blow some dust off to let your natural brilliance out, there are many tools you can use to shine brightly again.


The first step might feel silly but silliness is a great way to shine brighter.  Look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself that you love you.  Do it every day.  And smile while you say “I love you, you are AWESOME!”


If you haven’t started a gratitude journal yet, try it for a week.  At the end of seven days, look back at all the things that you were thankful for and see if it doesn’t make you shine a little brighter.  The more you look for things to be grateful for, the easier it will be to see them everywhere.  If it’s hard at first, pick easy things.  I have this New York City mug that is just like all the other tourist store mugs but I love it. When I use it, I am grateful for every trip to NYC and all of the fun and interesting things I experienced there. Yes, even for the 3 hours spent browsing endlessly at the world’s biggest Toys R Us store.


Move your body; outside if you can.  I won’t say “exercise” because it’s not about sit-ups or a cardio class.  It’s about releasing built up tension in your body and enjoying a stretch or the deeper breathing that moving around can bring.  And if it is done outside, just looking up and outside of yourself and seeing some green (hopefully!) can help you shine brighter too.


Sit quietly in the morning and in your mind connect with the things you enjoy and would like to have more of in your day. Even if it is just five minutes of paying attention to your breath and quieting your thoughts about what you think the day holds for you.  Let it go and be open to inspiration and creativity and spontaneity and fun.


To make it easier to shine brightly again, choose one new action for a week before you add in another. You’ll have three new things at the end of three weeks to be help you get see what was already inside of you waiting to shine through again.


If you’d like other ways to shine brighter, let’s talk and see what we can come up with together!