Do Flowers Deserve Abundance?

Flowers showing us how to be abundant

As part of an abundance challenge I joined, I was presented with an affirmation that said “I deserve to live an abundant life”. There was something about the affirmation that felt limiting to me so I started to ask some questions to see if I could find it.

What if we take deserving out of the equation?

How often do we feel like we do not deserve more than what we have?

Or we think – shouldn’t we just be grateful for what we do have because wanting more would make us greedy?



Could these thoughts could keep us from having all that we desire?


I’ve been going for daily walks this month and I notice the abundance all around me in nature. I started to think about  abundance and the judgement that can surround having all that we desire.

Do flowers deserve to have dozens or hundreds of petals?

Do they have to show off so much?

Do trees deserve to have hundreds or thousands of leaves each?

Shouldn’t they save some for the other trees?

Does the beach deserve millions or billions or more grains of sand?

Isn’t that selfish – what if there is none left for the desert?

Does a field deserve to be filled with endless blades of grass?

How much green does one field really need?

Flowers showing us how to be abundant


Can you begin to see how we limit our abundane with those kinds of silly thoughts that I can only assume nature never thinks about itself? Flowers may not deserving of abundance; they simply ARE abundant and they know it.

They don’t push out one petal and say, Ah that’s enough, I don’t deserve more. Or I don’t deserve the same abundance as the other flowers do – I’m not worthy. Of course they don’t say that. They ‘say’ I AM abundance and I will grow as many petals as I want, I am unstoppably abundant! Well they maybe don’t say it. When you are something you don’t have to go around telling people about it; it’s just obvious.

What would it take for us to embrace the abundance that nature is showing us that we can have and that we BE? Let’s take the word deserve out of the equation and know that we are abundant and we have abundance and we can claim it without shame, guilt or fear.

How can you be more like these flowers today? What do you know that you are that you haven’t been sharing? Is it time to blossom?


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Abundance is Our Future.

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