Quantum Shifts

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This year is different.  Your goals and dreams may feel farther away than ever. Or maybe you’ve found a way to stay the course somehow. 

Either way – bravo! It’s been a challenge and you’re still here moving forward.

There’s a space now for things to work out that have not worked out before. Now is the time to experience a quantum leap in your life by writing your story and finally getting it finished.

We need to support each other now!

Writing your book may seem like an insurmountable task and one that always ends up on your “later” pile. It can be hard to start, difficult to stay focused on and seemingly impossible to finish.

I encourage you to shift your thoughts as this the time when anything is possible. It’s truly Quantum Shift time!

Are you ready, with support, to birth your book into the world so it can be read by those who need the message? Your writings, your story need to be added to this moment in time. Your personal quantum shift, shifts the world. And the world is aching for that now.

This is for the movement makers.

The transformational leaders.

The authors and speakers.

And it’s for those who know now is the time to create an impact and receive abundance!

“I’m here to help. Here to create the sacred container to help you do what you were born to do.  There is so much ahead for you.  Let’s go make it happen.”

Just a little taste of what Leonie Dawson has waiting for you!

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Introducing… 40 Days to a Finished Book LIVE e-course with Leonie Dawson

You’ll learn how to:

  • Create a quantum leap – with 40 days of writing & productivity tips and accountability.
  • Create a new income stream for yourself.
  • Bring in enthusiastic new clients and customers.
  • Build community, create a culture and go viral as a recognized expert.
  • Self publish and market your book OR score a lucrative publishing deal.

Come join in and create a quantum shift in your life and business. You’ll be surrounded by other authors and aspiring authors and led by an author who has sales of over $1 million dollars and hundreds of thousands of books in print.

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This is a live e-course and it begins on October 1st, 2020.  


 It’s time to create something the world needs now and thrive while doing it! Quantum Shift THIS YEAR!