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Are you in control of your day or do you ever find your day gets away from you and yougo to bed exhausted and wondering why your To Do list never gets done?

Or maybe your day gets off to a great start but by the afternoon you find it harder to do the things that you were so excited about doing the night before. At times you may feel confused about the best way to schedule your day in the first place.

There's one thing you might be doing and by changing it, you can change your whole day.

If you check social media or your emails first thing in the morning or look after other people first in some way, it can result in decision fatigue and you'll also be starting your day filled with other peoples thoughts, feelings, emotions and agendas.

Is there a better way to start your day?

Some people will suggest you start it the night before by writing down a To Do list. Unless your To Do list is leading you to something bigger that really lights you up, then you could be just using each check mark on it to give yourself a false sense of accomplishment each day. Yikes! Maybe To Do lists need a little help.

morning pages stream of consciousness writing to do lists rituals

Would you be willing to start each day with a couple of expansive questions and then taking 5 minutes to write down your answers to see how much change that can create instead?

Should you journal?

I know many people who use 'stream of consciousness' writing or 'Morning Pages' or 'journaling' but this question and answer method can be more powerful than any of that.

You are directing your consciousness and your thoughts and your awareness with a question. If you just start writing with no goal in mind, your brain could come up with endless nonsense that really doesn't change the course of your day at all.


There are some questions you can use to get focused on your visions and desires as a different way to start your day. When answering these questions (or some of your own), try to stay out of any judgement about whether or not they are possible.


Would you be a little tiny bit willing to believe that you are beginning to write new things into your reality through the power of words made solid on paper? Would you be willing to try it from a place of fun and childlike wonder and see how your day goes?

Here are some questions to get you started:

What experiences would really make me smile today?
What would make me feel healthy today?
What activities could allow me to see more beauty in my life today?

After you have written down your answers, even just for five minutes, allow those to guide your actions. So if you have a To Do list, are there actions on there that are a total mismatch to what you wrote down that you desired to see in your life? Be willing to let them go and watch your day unfold with energy and focus and from your true desires.

Why does this work?

There are a few reasons. Writing things down makes them more real. It helps us to see the possibility better when it is written down instead of typing it onto a computer in 'virtual' world. Also when we add the wisdom of our body into our day, it changes things. So as our hands write the words and our eyes see them, it creates a mind body connection that makes it all the more real.  It also gives our mind something to focus on and to look for during the day so it is one way to begin to write your visions into your reality.  I'll share more in another post.