How would your life look if you had more clarity about what you desire?  What if you had the courage to do the things you wanted to do but were afraid to try? Let’s find out together!

If there are things in your life that you would like to change, there are small steps you can take every day.  Changing your thoughts and adding one positive new habit daily are the beginnings of changes that will have you improving all aspects of your life.


All you need is a little Faith. Or a lot.


I offer everything from one on one and group sound healing programs to VIP days that will change your life quickly and guide you towards healing and empowering you so you can live your happiest, healthiest, most successful life. We can also have fun and amazing brainstorming sessions to connect you with your passion. From there, anything is possible and we can co-create something magnificent in your life over the course of a few weeks or a few months.

Until my new site is ready, please use the link below to see all of my current offerings.


My sessions are geared towards your specific challenges and desired outcomes. My philosophy is ‘If there is a problem, the solution already exists’ and usually it is something that you or your body already know. You just need some support and the right questions to truly know it.

Many of those who are drawn to my guidance are struggling with drama in their lives that overwhelms them and leaves little time for thoughts about creating the changes they want to see. Often my clients will be great at helping others but struggle to help themselves.

I’ve been guiding people who have PTSD, general anxiety, depression and health and money challenges that  are preventing them from really enjoying their lives.

Let’s talk if you’d like to learn how I can use my experience, knowledge, inner guidance, skills and my passion for finding solutions to help you create something amazing in your life in a way that is fun and easy too!

Just click the link below and set up a session and let’s talk. 🙂

Shatter Your Limits

Shatter Your Limits

With Gratitude