Two Simple Stress Relieving Tips You Can Use in Seconds

Ah stress…it can make us so…stressed!


I’ve been in a really calm space this entire month and I attribute that to just a couple of daily rituals that you can use to reduce stress and to easily add more calm and flow into your day too.


The great thing is these are so quick and easy that you can use the simplest version of them absolutely anywhere and at any time. I know that not everyone is as lucky as I am to have fantastic memories of holidays with family like I do.  So if the upcoming holidays are stressing you out already, try one or more of the examples I am sharing with you to add these two things into your day.


I’m going to skip all of the symptoms and issues that stress can cause us mentally, physically and in our relationships at home and at work because if you suffer from stress, I think you are well aware of the disabling effects that stress can have in your daily life. Let’s change that now.


My two tips are: using sounds and symbols.

I have a recording of a specific frequency that I use when I have a ‘regular’ headache. It’s a very intense sound but it often helps me. While there are different views on which sounds are the most healing, if you find sounds or frequencies that work for you – use them without judging whether or not they are the right frequency.

Some examples of sounds you can use include:

Just hum!

You can do this quietly anywhere or as loudly as you like. You can hum while walking or even at the office. It is one way of self soothing that vibrates through your whole body and helps to relieve tension and stress.

crystal singing bowls for sale sound healing
Tibetan and crystal singing bowls, along with gongs, bells and chimes.

I have found in my Shamanic Sound Healing workshops that the Tibetan bowls tend to create grounding and feeling more centred while the crystal bowls can a deep feeling of calm  as well as releasing body discomforts. Both sound great, but in the workshops we have moved to using only crystal bowls because of the powerful stress release and feelings of calmness that they can bring, especially in combination with mantras. The most common feedback I receive in the days following the workshops is that the crystal bowls helped to reduce anxiety and helped people to sleep really well.

Music that makes you feel good, no matter what type or genre of music it is.

While Mozart, flute music, frequencies or devotional music are perhaps the best known sounds that you’ve heard of to release stress, Rock and Pop can be even more effective. When you rock out, you can rock your stress out too. If you add in body movements, the stress can leave the body even faster.

The sounds of nature.

Whether you use recordings of birds, waterfalls or cats purring, or step outside and experience them firsthand, when you put your focus on the sounds of nature, healing and stress relief is often a quick and natural response from your body.

blue eyes cat purring sound healing frequency

The second of the two main methods is to use symbols.

Using symbols to create change might be something you aren’t as familiar with. If you’ve studied Reiki, then you’ll be familiar the many uses for the Cho Ku Rei symbol. Christianity has its cross, scientists use alchemical symbols and even businesses use symbols in mind mapping charts for more productivity. HINT: Mind Mapping charts aren’t just for business, use them to create a new vision for your body and life too!

If you’ve never heard of using a symbol for relieving stress before, let me introduce you to two of those methods today.

Although I create some fairly intricate symbols of my own and use some simple ones too, I find that tracing a figure 8 in the air or drawing it on paper and tracing it over and over can have a calming effect.
sacred geometry infinity sign


When you draw it in the air with intention, you can imagine sending love and kindness out to a person, place or situation that has been causing you stress, and then receiving love and kindness in return in an infinite (infinity symbol) loop. Adding the body, by using your hand or whole arm to draw the symbol in the air, while repeating a word like Peace or Shanti (Sanskrit for peace), adds to the release of stress.

I like to do this on paper too as a form of meditation and also because drawing symbols on paper creates changes in the energy of your environment. You can see examples of this in the changes in the environment in and around crop circles.


The geometry contained in the circles helps the crops to grow better possibly due to: the frequency created by the symbols, location over ley lines, electromagnetic effects and more. Where do they come from? I’d prefer not to guess and to just enjoy them without any stories attached as the effect is the same whether they are man made or their source is unknown.



There are also symbols that follow the energy of the body’s organs, which is a science called Biogeometry. I have a book filled with those symbols in addition to  using my own to make my body’s systems function better.   Since my levels of stress are very low, I can see how sounds and symbols create change on a daily basis.

So pick a sound or a symbol and see how you can lower your levels of stress quickly anytime you need to, starting today.


The colour blue can relieve stress just by looking at it.

You’ll find a few pictures with the colour blue in this post.


You’re invited!

Explore one of the suggestions in this post. If you would like to have your own crystal singing bowl, I can have one shipped to you directly from the manufacturer. This is a great chance to buy from someone (me!) who is a certified Sound Healer. I’ll be adding bowls to my shop soon.

6 Vital Steps For Holding Space Using The Power Of Sacred Geometry

Holding Space

Today.  This is about you.Holding Space

I know you love holding space for your family, friends, in a relationship or for your clients.
Just for today, would you be willing to hold space for yourself first?
What if I told you that holding space for yourself first using the power of sacred geometry could exponentialize your results for yourself and others too?
That sounds like a win win situation doesn’t it?


What is holding space?

A simple definition is being completely focused and present while providing a space for change that feels safe and is without judgement or ego for the highest potential of the person.


Why would you want to hold space for yourself?

When you hold an energetic space for yourself, you can receive knowledge, information and support in the form of thoughts, feelings, emotions, physical sensations, visions, sounds and downloads. It is within this space that you can set a specific intention or ask a specific question and allow the next steps, the manifestations and the answers to fall into place with more ease.

This quiet, peaceful space that you create can allow you to connect to your truest desires and the highest vision of yourself and your life so that you can enjoy them sooner. You may also see new possibilities that exist that you couldn’t see before

Why add Sacred Geometry and What Is It Anyway??

Sacred geometry for holding space allows for more growth and movement as these things follow geometric shapes. It also allows you to work with the wholeness of geometry to create harmony and balance and to begin to see past the illusions of separateness, which can cause fear and a feeling of abandonment.

We’ll focus on the five platonic solids. Professor Robert Moon demonstrated that all of the elements contained in the Periodic Table are made up of one of the five platonic solids.There are currently 118 elements in the table. All of them are based on these five 3 dimensional forms. They are the: tetrahedron, hexahedron, octahedron, dodecahedron, and icosahedron.

Creating a space of wholeness allows us to better connect to and understand that we are both masculine and feminine energies, and left brain and right brain energies. When we allow for wholeness we can be in balance and find a state of flow more easily.


Okay So How Do I Do It? And Can We Please Keep It Simple?

First, choose the sacred shape that you want to work with. Let’s start with the tetrahedron. This is a 3 dimensional triangular pyramid with four faces. It is the shape of the carbon atom and is a building block for life. It can be used to bring order to chaos and create structure and systems. This would be a great geometric shape to envision if you are feeling discombobulated and would like to bring more order to your life.

Next, close your eyes and imagine that you are inside this tetrahedron. You can adjust the size as needed as you add and release energies and choose a colour too. Take a few deep breaths. If you’d like to listen to healing frequencies or meditative type music to help calm your mind, you may do that. Allow the shape to form and to support you and the dimensions of thoughts, emotions, spirituality, physicality and add in the dimension of miracles too.

Then set an intention. Why are you creating this space? What are you seeking to change or to create? With the tetrahedron you could set the intention to have more structure in your day so that you can accomplish all the things on your to do list with more ease. You can choose huge intentions too and ask for the right people to show up at the right time and the right price to help you create the systems that will help your business run smoothly.

With your intention set, notice where you might be resisting, denying or refusing to accept or acknowledge any parts of you. Send AND receive love, gratitude, blessings and forgiveness to all of these places. You are holding a safe place for release, healing and change to occur. Start with love and only move to gratitude once you’ve felt a change or shift in the places or situations that you have sent this love to. Once you have filled the areas with love, also allow yourself to receive love from outside this held space.
Also allow the tetrahedron or shape you have chosen to grow bigger. But remember, this space is just for you today so do keep it contained, focused and concentrated. If you continue to imagine or picture the shape, it will help you to hold this powerful space for change. Move on to gratitude and follow the same steps and continue with onto blessings and forgiveness.

This space is for releasing as well as receiving. You may sense thoughts, feelings or emotions in your space that are not you or are leftover beliefs or values that were projected onto you. These may also include cellular memories, karmic and ancestral memories and anything else that is no longer for your highest potential or good. Release it all from this space with the intention that it is permanently and completely released and replaced with the higher energies and frequencies that you need to live the highest expression of the intention that you set at the beginning. Ask to receive it all now in whatever ways are best for you.



Why The Week Of February 8th Can Be Your New Beginning

planetary lights

I’ve been researching February’s energies and I’ve discovered something that no one else has pointed out yet.  And I believe it will give you a huge advantage to know this NOW as the week of February 8th is about to begin.


I’d like to give you a simple explanation about what this advantage is instead of attempting to teach you hours of material that you don’t need to learn to benefit from this information. The new moon is great for new beginnings and it aligns with the Chinese New Year for a double boost to support you in moving ahead with any part of your life now.


ALSO something very cool happens this week in regards to a phenomenon known as the Void Of Course moon. The moon moves through the 12 signs of the zodiac every month, so it tends to spend 2-3 days in each sign. As it is moving out of one sign and before it enters the next sign, that period of time is called Void of Course. The moon isn’t in a void nor an empty space, but this time is the least supportive time to begin something new or to ask for things that you want a Yes answer to.


Normally a Void of Course period lasts from a few hours to a couple of days and it occurs every two to three days.


But this week is different!!


There is really only ONE period of time this week that will affect those in the Western Hemisphere and that is at the exact moment of the new moon.


This happens at 9:39 a.m. EST Monday and it lasts until Tuesday morning at 3:31 a.m. EST.

After that it is smoooooth sailing for the rest of the week! If you are on a better schedule than I am, you’ll be snoozing during the other two super short periods when the moon is Void Of Course this week. The next one occurs on Wednesday evening at 11:25 p.m. and ends on Thursday morning at 4:55 a.m. The last one begins early Saturday morning at 5:32 a.m. and ends just an hour later at 6:35am.


Here’s how you can use this information to your advantage.  When the moon is Void Of Course, it’s like it has reached the end of one set of opportunities and is getting ready for the next set of ideas to show up. It’s a period of inactivity and quietness…like nap time. If you have ever been disturbed during a much needed nap with a question or request, you may ignore it, pretend to acknowledge it but not act on it,  or you may only half hear it and do something different than what was asked of you.


This is a time to let the moon have it’s nap and not begin anything new nor ask any questions that you need answered. If you’ve got things you want to accomplish it can be frustrating to wait for the moon to wake up. Imagine those weeks when the moon takes a nap in the middle of your day and doesn’t wake up until the next evening. To be slowed down when you are full of new ideas and insights can cause you to lose your momentum and mojo. That’s why this week is so exciting as you are likely to be sleeping during these void of course times.


So take advantage of it the moon supporting you in so many ways and times this week and make this your new beginning.


If you would like to know more about using the moon’s energies to create new beginnings, consider adding a crystal singing bowl practice to your day. Check the shop for the best one for you.

planetary lights