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1. Be Grateful.

Yes you probably hear this one a lot. That's because it works. I have a cool twist on it for you. When you are feeling so down that it's a struggle to find something to be grateful about, think about someone else who would be grateful to have your problem.

Here's a personal example. My new laptop has been driving me crazy as some of the keys only work someimes. SEE?? The store was quite inflexible in their 14 day return policy on my 17 day old laptop even though I called them on the 13th day to ask what to do.  I was upset and almost in tears when their best solution was to ship it away for 3 weeks. But I took a few deep breaths and thought "Who would be grateful to have this problem?"

Answers came flooding in! People who don't have laptops at all. People who weren't lucky enough to get a new laptop for Christmas. People who don't have the flexibility in the first place to work on the go. When you can be grateful for your problems, it becomes much easier to be grateful for the awesome things in your life. Even little things. I am grateful that Tim Horton's has coffee cups the size of my head so I get a big jolt o' java when I really need it!!  Try it next time and let me know how it works for you.

2. Be Aware

Some people refer this to Being In The Present Moment. I think you will like this twist on it, because really WHAT does that mean? Use all of your senses to experience the miracle of this moment. Pick something you like with all of your senses right now. Being aware of everything so completely is bound to get your focus off of the things you don't like if you let it.

Sight - I have this great stained glass light with a clear bezel dragonfly that shoots out beams of light in every direction - how cool!

Hearing - It's a little chilly so I have a portable heater at my feet. Really hearing the sound helps me to feel that cozy warmth.

Taste - I let that coffee last for a long time so I can still taste it mmmmm.

Smell - This afternoon I put on some Sweet Orange essential oil blend. It's subtle but smells yummy.

Touch - I'm hanging out on the couch with my dog right beside me. His little ears are so soft!

3. Laugh

Even if you don't think there's anything laugh-worthy at the moment, try some fake laughter (umm maybe you should be alone for that!) or watch a video with people laughing. It works to lift your mood. If you can't find anything funny in the moment, keep a memory in your 'back pocket' for when you need it. Smiling and laughing will boost your mood and detach you from a negative situation.

I like to think about some scenes from The Hangover movie but that might just be because of Bradley Cooper. That's a whole different kind of distraction. ;)

Ocean view
Ocean view

4. Think about a place that brings you joy.

I love doing this!! But don't just think about it, really feel it. Feel the joy that you felt about a place or experience you've had and allow it to fill your mind and body. REALLY focus on it and make the memory as real as you can. Try a few different things, play and have fun with it and see what works best for you to shift your mood.

I love remembering sitting on the beach in Punta Cana, DR with a cool shipwreck in the distance and the warmth of the sun, the refreshing breeze, the sound of the ocean, and feeling the sand in my hands and on my feet with food and drink and music and fun all nearby.


I acknowledge that it can be hard to remember these things when you're not feeling great or you are under a lot of stress. So write them down or save a video on your smartphone when you aren't in the middle of something icky, so you have something to refer to when you need it.

Sometimes talking to someone who will listen without judgement helps too. If you'd like to talk, make an appointment with me and let's see what else we can come up with to change your mood quickly.  :)