Introducing … The Starlight Symbols™









Why Now?


The final month of the year is the perfect time to bring all of your wishes, ideas and visions together and out of your head and into your reality. Let’s use the energy of your personally created symbol along with a simple daily mind-body process and a Visioning Session to finally get you unstuck and moving forward with your visions before 2017 even starts.


 Do you have a bigger vision for your life?

 Are the things you are currently doing just not enough to move your forward?

 Would you like some support with:

     •  losing weight?

       improving finances?

       reducing stress or anxiety?



How Do They Work?


The Starlight Symbols are my own unique creation to bring a boost to your visions and creations using your power words, sacred geometry, alchemical, astrological, biogeometry symbols, frequencies, colours and declarations that have a mind-body process to make them extra effective.



Can A Starlight Symbol™  Session

Really Change Things?




I’d like to share two quick examples of situations that had been impossible to change for a long time. The first change happened over a few months and the second one happened within three days.


20 Pound Weight Loss 


This client had three symbols made to help her exercise consistently and to lose weight. Although she was already at a healthy weight, she felt better when she was lighter. The feedback I received is that she realized the energy of the symbols had to first clear out all the reasons that were preventing her from exercising before they could energize her in releasing the body fat.  Over the summer she began hiking every day and currently has 20 pounds less body fat.


I also have helped two people to avoid gastric bypass surgery and know how to dramatically shift weight quickly without symbols. I am happy to add this information into our Visioning Session!



25 Years of Payments Wiped Away

After fighting with my credit card company for over two years after they doubled my minimum payments, doubled my interest rate, and lowered my credit limit putting me $1500 over, I decided to create a symbol. The symbol was for an easy resolution to receiving lowered payments and interest rate. Although they had previously insisted that there was nothing they could do, the very next time I called (on the third day after making the symbol) something amazing happened.


My payments were reduced by a third, the interest was cut more than in half, my time to pay off the card (based on minimum payments) was reduced by 25 YEARS, and if my math is correct, this was a reduction in $90,000 in payments over 25 years. 


I have other amazing results that I have seen for myself and others with the symbols when used in combination with the declarations and a mind/body connection system.


Beginning on Black Friday, I have put together

a Special Introductory Offer

so you can experience some amazing shifts

in your life and bring your visions to life too!




Here’s what you’ll receive when you order a personal Starlight Symbol™ :
♦  1 confidential 33 minute Visioning Session via phone, Skype or secure emails where we will get you super clear on your vision and uncover the most powerful words to use to bring your vision into your reality.
♦ 1 Starlight Symbol creation and activation
♦ 2 digital copies of the Starlight Symbol via secured email
♦ 1-2 invocations or declarations to keep the vibe of your vision high
♦  simple step by step instructions for using the Starlight Symbol with the declarations and body movements so you get the biggest boost for your vision
♦ 3 days of email support for follow up questions via secured email

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Our Vision = My Mission

I’ve been creating these symbols all year and have only shared them privately before now. It suddenly became obvious that as a Vision Holder, it is time for me to fully show up for those who need a boost in getting their visions for themselves and others out into the world.


When you buy before Monday November 28th at 11:59 pm PST receive a printed copy of your symbol on your choice of coloured cardstock by mail for FREE!

BONUS # 2: 

With the purchase of one symbol, you have the opportunity to purchase 3 more Starlight Symbols at Black Friday pricing. You’ll get First Priority for January sessions!

Bonus 2 is valid when additional symbols are booked and paid by December 31 at 11:59 pm…because I’m busy at midnight!

Save $222 when you buy 3 extra symbols!

Introductory pricing for the Starlight Symbol Sessions will be $147 USD.
Black Friday pricing is only $73 USD!

Buy 1: $147   $73 USD

Buy 1 more: add $147  $73 USD

Buy 2 more:  add $294   $146 USD

Buy 3 more: add $441   $219 USD

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(This link takes you to my personal PayPal page. Please make sure you change CAD to USD and enter in the amount based on the number of Starlight Symbols you would like to purchase.)

Starlight Symbols

What happens next?

Within 12 hours of receiving your payment I will reach out to you personally (this is not an automated email) at the email address that you provide with your order with a link so you can schedule your appointment.

You’ll also receive a very short questionnaire so we have a starting point before our Visioning Session so you get the most out of our time and so I know exactly what you need.


Within 3 days of our Visioning Session you will receive:

•  2 digital copies of your symbol

•  one or two declaration statements to help strengthen the energy of the symbol

•  instructions on using the declarations and your symbol

•  a private email address to contact me if there are follow up questions during the following three days of receiving your Starlight Symbol™.


now you have a 2 pay option

Pay only $36 today and $37 in 30 days!

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